Tanned Coyote - Eastern
Tanned Coyote - Eastern
Tanned Coyote - Eastern
Tanned Coyote - Eastern
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Tanned Coyote - Eastern

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You are buying one tanned eastern Coyote. These are well furred and vary in color.  You will get a coyote similar to those in the pictures. Average length is 55-60"

Premium Grade
Our premium grades are free of any noticeable defects. Full faces, and tails. No noticeable holes or rubbing. These are excellent critters.

Medium Grade
Our medium grades may have an imperfect face, or small holes, or rubs. They will have full faces and tails. These are nice furs.

Imperfect Grade
These will have imperfections such as small holes, missing nose, short tail. You won't get junk.

No Tail
These are an Medium Grade or better that are missing or have a partial tail.