Blue Fox Tails

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-These tails are so supple, fluffy and thick!
-Our tanned Blue Fox Tails are ethically sourced from Ranch Fox.  They look white (some with variations of grey) but have a cool blueish tint at the base of each hair, giving the white hairs a blueish tint in certain lighting conditions. Truley unique!!! 
-Tails measure between 11" and 15"
-Option to choose one with a kilt pin and washer to secure to a handbag, motorcycle, or anything you can think of! Good to withstand 80+ MPH!
-We at Dakotaline Fur hand pick each of these tails and then have them tanned in a professional tannery for quality results.  We are positive that you will be satisfied with your purchase as these tails all have a nice fluffy, luxe fur appearance!
*Tails will flatten a little during shipping. Give them a couple gentle snaps or LIGHTLY brush to fluff them*