Fisher Pelt Imperfect Grade

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You are buying one Fisher Pelt (imperfect Grade). Some people refer to these as Fisher Cats. These are male fisher and run big. The tan is nice, and they are well furred with imperfections. 

Fisher’s Carnivores. They live in the forest and are found in northern parts of North America. Fishers are a member of the weasel family. They are excellent tree climbers. They live primarily on small rodents and rabbits.

Imperfect grade
These Fisher my have a raggedy face, short tail of holes or rub spots. These fisher average 40" tip-tip.

All wild animals vary. We try to represent the critters as accurately as possible

Fun Facts
Fisher are a member of the weasel family and are typically found in pine forests. Interestingly fisher are not known to eat fish.