Watch our video about our Midwest Muskrat "Premium Grade" furs.


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These are beautiful Muskrats that come in many sizes and grades that you will surely be happy with.  These are perfect for an accent piece or a sewing/craft project. These muskrats were harvested in Minnesota and South Dakota 

Premium Grade
These are winter pelts that are at their peak in fur quality. All these muskrats have good fur and are considered #1 in grade. This batch of muskrats come from the South Dakota and Minnesota.

Medium Grade
Medium Grade muskrats will likely have small holes or bite marks. The face may not be perfect. They are by no means low quality.

Our imperfect muskrat will have some holes. Some may be from fighting with each other. Some may have happened at the tannery. These are perfect for sewing projects.

Did You know?
-Muskrats are every bit the engineers beaver are. The are master diggers. Sometimes they cause roads to cave in due to their digging. They can build their huts/lodges in quick order.
-Muskrats are very prolific. Population's can explode  when habitat conditions are just right. Populations often crash just as quickly as they exploded.