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These tanned Skunk pelts are well furred and have soft good smelling leather. These hides are Medium Grade with very slight damage.  Any damage is very minimal and if there is a small hole it is not visible from the fur side. They will look very nice on a wall and they make a great conversation piece.

Premium Grade
These are our best skunks. Good faces and longer hair then our medium grades. No noticeable holes or rubs.

Medium Grade
These may have minor flaws such as a small hole or a face that has large eyeholes. The fur may be a bit shorter than the premium grade (still very well furred).
Imperfect Grade
These skunks will have some type of damage to them. It may be a rip, bare spot, raggedy face, etc. These are a great value for the price.

Length is measured tip to tip
All wild animals vary. We try to represent the critters as accurately as possible.