Red Fox Semi Heavy
Red Fox Semi Heavy
Red Fox Semi Heavy
Red Fox Semi Heavy
Watch our video about our Red Fox "Semi-Heavy" furs.

Red Fox Semi Heavy

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"Semi" stands for semi-heavy. This refers to the length of the fur. Typically our semi's come from the central south part of the US. They are well furred and very pretty. Their fur is shorter than a northern red fox.

These do not have the feet on them.

Premium Grade: 
*Has no noticeable defects. Good face and tail. The fur is in good condition. No rubbing or noticeable defects.

Medium Grade:  
*This means good quality including fur and face. The tail is fully intact

Imperfect Grade:  
*May have a hole, tear, raggedy face, short tail, etc.
*These have excellent fur but may have rubs,

No Tail:
*Excellent fur but may have slight rubbing on flanks
*Face may have large eye holes but will be intact and have ears
*There may be slight imperfections, but nothing significant
*This pelt will not have a tail.