Extra Dark Beaver

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Our Extra Dark beaver come from Canada, and Northeastern U.S. They are absolutely beautiful. The fur is silky and they have a "sheen" to them. The leather is soft and pliable.  You won't be disappointed.

Beaver are measured nose to butt and then side to side. Length + width = size.

Premium Grade
Premium grade beaver have great fur and an absence of blemishes (noticeable holes fur rubs, etc.) Our graders want the customer to be satisfied.

Medium Grade
Medium Grade means there will be some imperfections. Typically this means small bite marks or holes. Nothing drastic. Some may have a bit of stubble on the leather side. 

Fun Facts
-Beaver are fantastic engineers. They instinctively know the correct spot to build a dam.
-There has never been a documented case of a beaver being killed by the tree they are cutting down.
-The back straps on beaver are are considered a delicacy. They make an excellent roast.