Blonde Beaver

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These are a light blondish beaver. You will receive one pelt matching the description and similar to the picture. We are selective in grading our hides. These pelts are professionally soft tanned and the the leather is soft and pliable. 

These critters are winter prime and mostly come from the northern US and Canada. All these beaver have good fur and are measured "premium" or "medium" by our graders. 
Beaver are measured tip to tip (Nose to tail) and then side to side (center of pelt) Length + Width = size

We are selective in grading our hides.


Fun Facts
-Beaver are fantastic engineers. They instinctively know the correct spot to build a dam.
-There has never been a documented case of a beaver being killed by the tree they are cutting down.
-The back straps on beaver are are considered a delicacy. They make an excellent roast.